HQT TH 446plus


TH 446plus 

HQT TH-446PLUS is a licence-free radio compliant with PMR 446 standards. Its unique design of lightness and portability provides users with convenience and comfort even holding the radio for a long period. It has multiple programmable keys which especially make it easy to operate. Besides normal two-way radio functions, it also provides a few higher level functions for users who work in construction industry, hospitality and retailing.

  • TOT;
  • Scan;
  • Emergency Alert;
  • PC Programmable;
  • Busy Channel Lockout (BCL).


Voice Prompts
Voice prompts are available when switching channels and other function operation. This is specially designed for users working in the dim environment.
Voice Encryption
It provides enhanced security to public communication and private communication because of effective prevention of wiretap on the same frequency.
Equipped with earphone you can speak quietly into the radio and still be heard clearly when this function is turned on.
Emergency Alert
Users in emergency situations can turn on this function to emit local alarm tone or send SOS message to control center or pre-defined person.  
You can press MONI key to hear a weak signal and it also helps adjust volume when no signal is received.
Battery Power Inquiry & Low Battery Alert
User can inquire residual battery power by pressing the corresponding function key. If the battery power is insufficient, user would be reminded to charge the battery.

Hands-free operation is available when VOX is on.
With this function, ENI would be sent when pressing or releasing PTT key so that it provides identification of radio to control center.
The radio begins scanning every channel in scanning list when this function is turned on.
The feature allows for more efficient use of channels by limiting the amount of time of each transmission. Also, it effectively avoids radio damage because of long-time transmission.

A channel which is already in use is not available to others. It is used to prevent interference with the on-going conversation.
The signaling can avoid unwanted conversations on the same channel.
Wired Clone

To quickly set the parameters, you can clone the data from one radio to another one via standard cloning cable.
PC Programmable

Frequency and various features can be set by PC programming software.